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Order of Suspension for Financial Responsibility

What is an Order of Suspension for Financial Responsibility?

If you have received an Order of Suspension from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the department has just alerted you they have begun the process to take you off the road because they believe you were involved in a “Reportable Traffic Collision” and the vehicle you own or operated was not properly covered by insurance.

The Order of Suspension will document the reason for the action, the Vehicle Code Section that permits the DMV to take the action and the effective date of the suspension/revocation.  Make no mistake; an Order of Suspension means the DMV has found cause to take you off the road and YOU MUST STOP DRIVING on the effective date listed on the order.

Why does the DMV send an Order of Suspension for Financial Responsibility?

 California’s compulsory Financial Responsibility Laws make it mandatory for any person who owns or operates a motor vehicle in the state to maintain sufficient liability insurance or other coverage to ensure that persons who suffer any injury, death or property damage in a traffic accident can be compensated.

If the DMV learns you have been involved in a “Reportable Traffic Collision” and you did not have proper financial coverage for your case, they will move rapidly to punish you by suspending your driver license.   A “Reportable Traffic Accident” is any collision that involves:

  • Any injury to any person, however slight.
  • Any death
  • Any damage to any property exceeding $1,000.

How can I Fight the Suspension/Revocation of my Driver License?

 Now that you have received an Order of Suspension in the mail, there are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • Study the order carefully to determine why this action is being taken.
  • Make the decision that you are going to take on the DMV by yourself, or are you going to hire an Administrative Advocate to guide you and represent you through the process.
  • Contact the Financial Responsibility Unit of the DMV in Sacramento to make a formal request for a hearing.
  • Plan your defense and conduct your hearing.

California law makes it expressly clear that all drivers have the right to advocate for themselves at a DMV administrative hearing, so you need not hire anyone to represent you.  This can be quite frustrating but many drivers choose to represent themselves.

On the other hand, California law also permits an accused driver to be represented by an Administrative Advocate.  These professionals are true DMV Defense Experts with years of experience and specialized training in dealing with the DMV.  Although you have the freedom to defend yourself, representation by an Administrative Advocate can greatly increase your likelihood of prevailing at an administrative hearing.  If you would like more information on representation by an Administrative Advocate, can assist you in fighting to protect your driving privilege.

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