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DMV Defense Advocates

A DMV Defense Advocate is a highly trained and experienced administrative law professional who represents drivers at license suspension hearings before the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  If the DMV is trying to suspend or revoke your privilege to drive for any reason, a DMV Defense Advocate may provide your best opportunity for victory.  This is a specialized area of law that is not taught in law school and cannot be mastered by taking classes on the Internet.  DMV Defense Advocates have a commanding knowledge of Administrative Law, The California Code of Procedure, The California Vehicle Code and the Evidence Code.  Most importantly, a highly experienced Advocate will have insight into the inner workings and procedures of the California DMV.

DMV Defense Advocates will provide services that include the timely request of administrative hearings, interviews of Clients and witnesses, investigation of facts, collection of evidence and case preparation.  Quality Advocates will be able to demonstrate a history of DMV victories and client satisfaction.

In most cases, DMV Defense Advocates are not attorneys because California law permits drivers to be represented by experts with specialized skill and training who are not members of the California State Bar.

California Drivers Advocates – Exclusively DMV Defense Experts

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DMV Defense Experts

California Drivers Advocates is a group of administrative law experts comprised of Administrative Advocates, former DMV Hearing Officers, former Police Officers, Investigators and Scientists who focus exclusively on representing drivers at license suspension proceedings before the California DMV; no other type of case is taken. Headed by the company’s founder, Mr. Rob Collier, California Drivers Advocates represents drivers in every type of suspension hearing handled by the DMV throughout the State of California.

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